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Isolation Transformers:
Greater than 5 kva

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Primary: 480 volts 3 Phase
Secondary: 208y/120v volts (208 Wye / 120V @ 62 amps)
Apparent Power: 22500 VA

Topaz isolation transformer. 22.5 kva, 3 phase, 0.00025 pF coupling capacity. 60 Hz, 62 amps output current. New, unused.

Primary: 400 volts Delta 3 Phase
Secondary: 400Y volts (230V Single to make 400V Wye)
Apparent Power: 35000 VA

Stewart isolation transformer. Electrostatically shielded. 50.52 amps / 35 kva - 160 kvdc isolation between input and output.  Input: 400 vac Delta / 3 phase / 47-63 Hz, Output: 3 Single Phase outputs each at 230v intended to be connected in Wye configuration yielding 3 phase at 400v between lines.Capacity: Less than 300pF between input and output and output and ground. Dimensions: 27-3/4" high, 44" wide, 37" terminal tip to back.Shipping Weight: 1,475 lbs.  Built-in casters on base. Two - New, crated transformers in stock.

Primary: 480 volts Delta 3 Phase
Secondary: 208y/120v volts (208V Wye / 120V)
Apparent Power: 150000 VA

Eaton dry type distribution transformer. Electrostatically shielded. 10kv insulation. Brand new but slightly bent mounting rails. Instructions included. Normal price = $12,195.

Primary: 400 volts Delta 3 Phase 10.83 Amps
Secondary: 208y/120v volts (208V Wye / 120V) @ 20.83 Amps
Apparent Power: 7500 VA

Hipotronics high voltage isolation transformer. 100 kv isolation. 7.5 kva, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz.

Primary: 400 volts Delta 3 Phase @ 10.83 Amps
Secondary: 208y/120v volts (208 Wye / 120V) @ 20.83 Amps
Apparent Power: 7500 VA

Dell Electric high voltage isolation transformer. 100kv isolation. 7.5 kva, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz.

Primary: 208 volts 3 Phase Wye
Secondary: 208y/120v volts
Apparent Power: 7500 VA

Topaz AC line regulator. 0.005 pF isolation. 3 phase WYE, 7.5 kva. 3 phase. Great for isolation and line regulation on 3 phase system or you can split into 3 single phase transformers.  Includes 3 phase breaker. New in crates. (Includes crate). Motor freight only, 245 pounds.

Primary: 208y/120v volts
Secondary: 208y/120v volts
3 phase/15 kva

Topaz extremely high ultra isolation and noise suppressing transformer. 3 phase, 15 kva, 0.005 pF, interwinding capacity. Used, but in new condition.

Primary: 208y/120v volts
Secondary: 208y/120v volts
3 Phase Wye or 3 x 120V Single

Topaz extremely high ultra isolation 0.001 pF. Used, but in new condition.

Primary: 200/208/220/230/240/250 volts
Secondary: 112.5/210/225 volts
Apparent Power: 6600 VA

Xentek isolation transformer. 6.6 kva, 1 phase, 0.001 pF coupling capacity. 50/60 Hz, 3 ft. pigtails. Removed from service. Good/Excellent condition.

Primary: 208y/120v volts
Secondary: 208y/120v volts
3 Phase Wye or Three 120V single Phase

Topaz ultra isolation transformer. 3 phase, 12.6 kva. 0.001 pF, 50/60 Hz. 208Y / 120 volt.

Primary: 219/224/230/236/242 volts 3 phase Delta 60 Hz
Secondary: 133/230 volts
(230V Wye / 133V)

219/224/230/236/242v Delta 3 Phase 60Hz Primary; 230v Wye/133v secondary; 145KVA Rating. 32.90"L x 29.90"W x 41.52"H; 980lbs. Equivalent to Federal FH145AEMD, Hammond DM145CC, GE 9T83B4010G29

Primary: 437/460/483 volts 3 phase Delta 60 Hz
Secondary: 266/460 volts
(460v Wye / 266V)

437/460/483v Delta 3 Phase 60Hz Primary; 460v Wye/266v secondary; 20KVA Rating. 20.94"L x 10.18"W x 20.77"H; 435lbs

Primary: 277/480 volts @ 36A 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 231/400 volts @ 42A
Apparent Power: 25000 VA

Hipotronics® 3 Phase, Dry Type Auto-Transformer. Hipontronics P/N: HHT-7352. Axcelis P/N: 2400155. There is a clearance hole for a 1-1/4" liquid-tight conduit fitting on the left side of the autotransformers enclosure. There is a second clearance hole for a straight Hubbell F-4 cord grip for a 6/5 SO cord on the right side (clearance hole for a 1" NPT thread).

Transformer Materials:
• Conductors:  Insulated copper
• Layer  Insulation: Nomex™

Primary: 480 volts 60 Hz 3-Phase Delta
Secondary: 208y/120v volts (208V Wye / 120v)
Apparent Power: 50000 VA

Topaz T7 97405-31 50KVA Rated 480v Delta 60 Hz Primary to 208v WYE/120v Secondary Electrostatically shielded. 20 million to 1 noise attenuation, New (Old Stock). 43" x 22" x 43"H. Weighs 690 lbs.

Primary: 208vAC 60 Hz 3-Phase delta
Secondary: 208 WYE-120v
Apparent Power: 30000 VA

Topaz T7-97203-31 30KVA Rated 208vAC Delta 60 Hz Primary to 208v WYE-120v. Includes manual. 35" x 18" x 31"H. Weighs 430 lbs.

Primary: 240/480 volts 50/60Hz
Secondary: 240/480 volts 50/60Hz
Apparent Power: 7500 VA

Topaz  Isolation Transformer 240/480VAC to 240/480VAC, 50/60Hz, 7.5KVA with 0.0005pF isolation.  7-5/8&qoute; x 6-1/2&qoute; x 18-1/2&qoute;.