Antique Collectibles: Cameras and Binoculars
Hoh & Hahne Camera
(EQP) 135-103A
Hoh & Hahne camera. Includes all accessories as shown. 17-1/4" x 40" x 24"H. 20-3/4" x 42" x 59"H overall on cart. Werk Nr: 19647/91. Includes hand assembled manual written in German.
Sony Trinicon Color Camera
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(EQP) DXC-1200
Sony Trinicon color camera. Vintage - 1974. Includes top view finder. Operates on 115v AC. 30" x 14" x 8"W. We have 2 available. Both in excellent operational condition. Great movie prop!!
$1,900 each
Paillard-Bolex 16mm Camera
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Paillard-Bolex 16mm camera. Includes manuals, light exposure meter, adapters, brush and lenses as shown. Also includes leather case. Made circa 1935. Unknown operational condition. Sold as-is.
General Radio Flash Delay
(EQP) GR1531-P2
General Radio flash delay. Rtime delay range 100 usec to 0.8 seconds in 3 overlapping ranges. Continuously adjustable on each range. 13v output pulse, 105.0 to 125.0 or 210.0 to 250v. 50 to 400 Hz operating power. NSN: 6625-00-467-0907.
Kalimar Vintage Binoculars
Kalimar vintage binoculars. 8 x 30. 7.5° field. Includes leather case.
Kodak Reflex II
Kodak Reflex II camera. F: 3.5, 180mm with lens cover and leather case. 2 1/4" x 2 1/4".
Camera Shutter
Camera shutter. Brand unknown. 3-9/16"D, 1-3/4" inside diameter. 0.18" travel on spring return arm, goes full closed to full open. 1.987" centers on 5 perimeter holes. New!
$10 each
Rolleicord model 111 type 11. Includes leather case. Xenar 1:3.5/75 lens. Made before WW11. SN: 1191739. Includes original factory box and rare lens cover.
$325 each
Rolleiflex Type 5
Rolleiflex type 5. DBP / DB GM. 1:2.8/75 lens. Body serial 1489243. Lens serial 1399938. Includes leather case.
$395 each
Rolleiflex Type 5
Rolleiflex Type 5. 1:2.8/75 lens. DBP / DB Gm. Serial 1712146. Lens serial 1489286.
$375 each
Kodak No. 1 Autographic Junior
Kodak No. 1 autographic junior. Produced between 1917-1927. Includes leather case. Rare - Vintage.
$125 each
Minolta Maxxum 400 si. 35mm camera. Includes SIGMA. 75-300mn 200m wide angle lens. F 14-5.6.
$125 each
Nikkor-Q 20cm f/4 auto lens. Serial 175207.
$50 each
$29 each
Kodak Autographic Vest Pocket Camera
Kodak autographic vest pocket camera. A127 film 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" with leather case.
$85 each
Kodak Folding Camera
Kodak folding camera. Includes leather case. Produced in 1920's.
$125 each
Kiron Macro Lens
(EQP) KIRON28-85
Kiron macro lens 28-85mm f 2.8-38. 67m filter. Includes HOYA.
$59 each
Contaflex 35mm Camera
Contaflex 35mm camera. Tassar 1:2.8 lens f: 50mm. With leather case.
$120 each
Olympus OM-4 35mm Camera
Olympus OM-4 35mm camera. +50mm lens + Vivitar 49mm polarizing filter + Vivitar 49mm UV Haze filter.
$59 each
Nishika N8000
Nishika N8000 3D camera. 33mm with carry case.
$75 each
Canon FTB Body
Canon FTB body, 35mm.
$45 each
Metraphot Light Meter
Metraphot light meter. SN: 350569.
$45 each
Accura Closeup Set
Accura closeup set. Bayonet 3.5. With case and bay. New-Unused.
$39 each
Rolleiflex bubble level.
$75 each
Assortment of 8 Items
Assortment of 8 Items 2 dust caps. SAKAR 1.7x Teleconverter. Vivitar 58mm 80A Filter. TIFFEN 55mm 80A Filter. CANON 55mm UV Filter. VIVITAR 55mm RED-25 Filter. CANON 55mm Skylight Filter.
$75 each
Soligor MP Auto teleconverter 2x to fit OM.
$20 each
Olympus OM10 Camera
Olympus OM10 camera with Vivitar 75 - 205mm macro zoom lens. 1:3.8. 35mm, TUV filter.
$85 each
Canon FTB Camera
Canon FTB camera width 50mm. F 1.8 lens. 35mm with Vivitar 55mm 80B filter.
$95 each
Rolleiflex Lens Hood
Rolleiflex lens hood. In original box.
$75 each
Olympus Image Carrier
(EQP) IC36B-10
Olympus image carrier, has a flexible fiberscope and an IC36B-A30X case and lens.
$95 each
Focal 7 x 35 Binoculars
(EQP) 20-20-35S
Focal 7 x 35 binocular with case. 525 ft @ 1000 yds. Mfg for Kmart. Excellent condition.
$35 each
Linet Binocular Field Master
(EQP) 40206
Linet binocular field master. 8 x 40. 10° field. Extra wide angle.
$69 each
Includes All Items As Pictured
Includes all items as pictured Lens filters, camera, lens case, remote releases, etc.
$99 each
DA-Lite Electrolet Projection Screen
(MIS) PXAG-554-75
DA-Lite electrolet projection screen. 50" x 50" screen, 2.75" x 4.5" x 60" cabinet, 115v AC @ 1.5 amps. New old stock, in the box.
$595 each
TV Security Camera
(EQP) HV-40S
Shibaden (by Hitachi) TV security camera. 117v @ 60 Hz. 200mm lens included. Brand new in the box!!
$150 each
Pierre Angenieux Lens
(GAT) 41471-A
Pierre Angenieux (of Paris) lens. New, but very old. Bonnette N 3. Zoom 10 x 12. Gates P/N: 727-0184-000. Includes the box (pictured).
$75 each
2.5mm Mono Plug & Coaxial Camera Plug
Coiled cable 14" long (relaxed), 40" long (extended) 2.5mm subminiature plug on 1 end, coaxial plug opposite end.
$3 each - $2.50 (25+), $1.95 (100+)
Polaroid® Ultrasonic Ranging
System Designer's Kit
(EQP) PID603972
Polaroid® ultrasonic ranging system designer's kit. New, unsused. Very Rare!! Not state of the art by today's standards but is a fabulous window on a historical stepping stone in camera auto-focus systems. Includes manuals.
$250 each
Film or Code Tape
(EQP) 4T104478
J.H. Bunnell film re-winder or code tape. Winds up on back like a manual clock. 5/8" wide tape, 6" diameter spool. Made in the 1940's(?). Brand new in the original box.
$125 each
Kodak No. 2
Film Pack Hawk-eye
Kodak No. 2 film pack Hawk-eye. Several dents, missing strap, broken glass on top. 2-1/4" x 3-1/4". Made in 1922.
$35 each
Light Meter
(EQP) 97A
Sears light meter. Excellent condition.
$25 each
Nikon SLR
Nikon SLR with Nikkor-S lens auto 1:1.4 f=50mm. 35mm.
$95 each
Minolta AF lens. 28-105mm. 1:3.5 (22) - 4.5. With Tiffen 62mm UV protector.
$39 each
Bell & Howell
(EQP) BH134
Bell & Howell 8mm camera. Model 134.
$45 each
Minolta AF lens. 28-105mm. 1:3.5 (22) - 4.5. With Tiffen 62mm UV protector.
$39 each
Accura Closeup Lens Set
Accura closeup lens set. Bayonet 3.5. New in box.
$39 each
Rolleiflex Pistol Grip
Rolleiflex pistol grip.
$49 each
Rollei 35mm Camera
Rollei 35mm camera. 40mm lens, a vintage collectable camera. Includes original leather case. Circa 1978.
$295 each
AGFA Optima 500
AGFA optima 500 35mm. Excellent condition with original leather case. Agfa color-Apotar 45mm. f/2.8 lens in automatic programmed computer shutter f2.8/30 to f22/500. Circa 1964.
$249 each
8mm Film Splicer
8mm film splicer. New in box.
$39 each
Kodak Argus ILEX Precise 35mm Camera
Kodak argus ILEX precise 35mm camera. F-4.5 anastgmat. Circa 1936.
$75 each
Simpson Analog VOM
(EQP) SIM260
Simpson analog VOM. Includes leather case & probes. 20k Ω/v DC 5k Ω/v AC. Used. Works great.
$69 each
Universal Cinematic P-752
8mm Projector
Universal Cinematic P-752 8mm projector. Made in 1948. Looks new with original box and manual. Step back in time and show those old 8mm home movies with this vintage projector.
$449 each
The "Perfecscope" Stereo Viewer
with 27 Cards
A rare find!! The "Perfecscope" stereo viewer. 27 cards included.

Engraved on the bottom of the viewer:
  • U.S.A. Patent Oct.15.1895
  • June 3, 1902
  • Feby 11896 B.S.G.D.C.
  • Great Britain Austria Belgium Canada France Germany
  • James M. Davis Agent 21 Washington Pl. New York U.S.A.
The stereo view is actually a twin photograph with two images mounted side by side. Each picture has been taken from a slightly different viewpoint corresponding approximately to the spacing of the eyes. When looked at through this special viewer, the left eye only sees the left photograph and the right eye its corresponding half. The view suddenly springs to life as a stereoscopic or three dimensional image. It is like looking through a window into the past with the impact of the third dimension giving realism.

On the silver frontal piece there are scroll designs and an emblem with figures of a woman and man and the words: Exposition Universelle Internationale 1900, H.C. White Co.
$500 each
Portable Micro-File Recordak
Eastman Kodak Micro-File Recordak Model E, power supply and camera + accessories all tucked into 22" x 27" x 7-3/4" suitcase. Originally built in 1938 and then rebuilt in 1950 by Baltimore Signal Depot. Includes 63mm Ektar Lens.

Power input 100-125 vac 1000 watts. Has 0-130 vac voltmeter. Surprisingly excellent condition.
$1,000 each
4 PC Assortment Photo Flash Attachments
4 PC assortment photo flash attachments.
Promatic FTD 2000
Nishika 3010
Argus Electronic.
$65 each
Miniature projector made by Society For Visual Education, Inc. Model AK, 120 vac, 300 watts. Again, old, very old.
$95 each
Kodak Flash Holder
Kodak Ektralux Flash Holder NEW IN THE BOX! Two pieces.
$50 each
Surplus Sales also has a couple cases of old "Carbon Arcs" used in the silent movie days. It made the flicker. Also an old 20mm Goldberg Brothers Film Rewinder.