Pushbutton Bank Switches

8 Position Switch Bank
(SWP) 90087B12
Switchcraft 8 position switch bank. Independent switches. 3-7/8"W x 5/8"D. 1-1/2" behind panel depth. Each switch is 4PDT.
$59 each
8 Position Switch Bank
(SWP) 90084B06
Switchcraft 8 position switch bank. Ganged. Only 1 switch is "ON" at a time. each switch is DPDT. 3-7/8"W x 5/8"D, 7/8" behind panel depth.
*** SOLD OUT ***
8 Button Multi-Switch

(SWP) XM31306

Switchcraft 8 button multi-switch switch bank. Ganged. Only 1 switch is "ON" at a time. Push one button and release previous position. New vintage surplus from Gates / Harris broadcast. New surplus in original box.
$55 each
10 Button Multi-Switch

(SWP) 17S-1011B

Switchcraft 10 button multi-switch. New vintage surplus from Gates / Harris broadcast. Gates / Harris P/N: 604-0569-000.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Chrome Button Push Bank

(SWP) E42153

Chrome button push bank. Inside middle switches are linked - push one and the other one pops out. Both are 4PDT at 1 amp. Outer switches are maintained independent. Both DPDT. One is 6 amp at 250v. The other is 1 amp. 2-1/32" button centers. 2-13/16" mounting centers. 1-1/2" behind panel. UL listed. Chrome button 5/16" diameter.
$18.75 each
1940's Communications Push Bank

(SWP) 65720

Kellogg 1940's communications push bank. Five buttons, each momentary with 2 normally open switches. High quality. No buttons. 2-1/2" x 4" x 5/8". NSN: 5930-296-5757.
$25 each
Pushbutton Switch
Two Banks of 8

(SWP) MX4945

Harris pushbutton switch. Two banks of 8. Gang linked. Each button 2 x SPST, normally open contacts. One must be used to switch on optional lamp. One button on at a time per bank. Yellow. Light socket under each button. Rows of switches can be separated. Banks are independent. 2" x 5-5/8" x 3-1/2" deep. New, old stock. Harris P/N: 604-0498-000. Made by Switchcraft.
$125 each
Broadcast Pushbutton Switch
DPST - N.O. / Provision for Lamp

(SWP) XM4940

Switchcraft pushbutton switch. Maintained DPST, normally open. Lamp provision. 5/8" x 7/8" button surface. Broadcast production spare. Harris P/N: 604-0500-000.
$87 each
8 Gang Pushbutton Switch
Each switch in bank DPDT

(SWP) 1000-73-41

Switchcraft pushbutton switch. 8 gang. DPDT. Each switch is momentary and independent. 5-3/4" long, 3/4" high, 2" deep. 5-1/2" c-c mounting holes.
$25 each
5 Position Bank
(SWP) 364912
GE 5 position pushbutton switch bank. 17 amp, 120 / 240 vac. 4" long, 1-1/4" wide. 2-1/2" overall height or 1-1/2" depth below buttons. Huge olive drab buttons measure 1-1/16" x 5/8". UL & CSA listed. NSN: 5930-00-175-4606.
Position 1: Terminals Y & G made
Position 2: Terminals BR & B made + Y & G made
Position 3: All contacts shorted
Position 4: Terminals BR & R made
Position 5: Terminals BR, R & Y made
$25 each
12 Button Switch Bank
(SWP) 07-532-0011
UID 12 pushbutton switch bank. 6-5/8"L bracket. 1" deep. 1/2" center - center, independent action. DPDT Push on, push off. 3 amp, 125 vac. No knobs.
$8 each $7 (6+)
5 Button Bank
(SWP) 604-0538
5 button bank. All maintained and independent. Each button is SPDT and has 2 midget CM327 bulbs. One for each color half of switch. Made for Harris TV switch board. Harris P/N: 604-0538.
$150 each
8 Gang Pushbutton Switch
Schadow 8 gang pushbutton switch. Includes white button. Front mount. Bracket 3-3/4"L. Each DPDT button is 3/8" on center. Independent push on / off.
$8 each $7 (6+)
3 Gang Pushbutton Bank
(SWP) 635-00009
Schadow pushbutton bank switch. 3 gang, 2 are linked, 1 independent momentary. No buttons. 5/8" x 2-3/4" x 1" deep. 2.415" c-c mounting holes. Circa 1979. 5930-00-882-9222.
$5 each
9 Button Pushbutton Bank
(SWP) DP109-5D3802-543
Capitol 9 gang switch pushbutton bank. Each switch is DPDT. Ganged. Only 1 switch is "ON" at a time. Push one button and release previous position. Mil-spec quality. Buttons and shafts rubber booted for weather proofing. 1-1/4"H x 7" bezel. 4" behind panel depth. Alt. P/N: 5D-7026-543. NSN: 5930-00-888-1125.
$75 each
9 Button Pushbutton Bank
(SWP) CTN12.7
Oreor 9 button pushbutton bank. All buttons 3PDT. Red: independent, 3 Black: Linked, 1 Black: Independent, 4 Black: Momentary. 4-1/2"L x 2-3/4" deep. Made in France.
$18 each
10 Button Pushbutton Selector Bank
(SWP) 09AC58
Switchcraft 10 button, pushbutton selector bank. Each button DPDT. All independent, all momentary because the governor plate spring was never installed. By adding the spring the switches become linked and interact so only one is maintained at a time.
$65 each

11 Position Switch Bank Assembly

(SWP) 141890-130

Oak 11 position switch bank assembly. 4PDT each. Ganged and maintained. Push one button and release previous position. No knobs / buttons. 9-7/16" long. Made in 1975. NSN: 5930-00-246-5046.
$75 each
4 Button Bank 3 Position + "Off"
(SWP) ASP4125-667
General Electric 4 button bank. 3 position + "off". Maintained contact pushbutton (only one position at a time) bank with single high current contacts. (1 of 3 or none selected). 10 amps, 120 vac; 8 amps, 240 vac. QC spade terminals. 1-3/16" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/16" high overall. 2-1/8" c-c, 10 - 32 mounting holes. CSA, UL listed. 10,000 pieces available!!
$3 each $2.50 (10+), $2.25 (50+), $2 (250+)
4 Gang Pushbutton Bank Switch
4 gang pushbutton bank switch. Independently operated. 3/8" centers, 1-3/4" overall length. No manufacturer markings.
$1.90 each - $1.75 (6+), $1.50 (25+)
5 Button Bank Switch
(SWP) 381SM
Five button bank switch. Lighted. Top button: Maintained, Yellow "Spare". 2nd button: Momentary, White, "Spare", 3rd button: Momentary, Orange, "Recall", 4th button: Momentary, White, "Signal", 5th button: Momentary, Red, "Hold". Lamps included, midget "327", 28 vdc. Connector: 36 pin Centronics. 3-3/4" x 1" x 3-1/2"H. Mounting centers: 3.44" x 0.446".
$35 each
Harris Broadcast Push-On Knob
Harris broadcast push-on knob. Ivory, plastic. Pushes on to flat shaft. 1/2" high above flange. 9/32" x 15/32" oval.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Television Camera Console Switch Deck
(SWP) 175-1028A
Harris television camera console switch deck. 8 buttons. $PDT contacts for each button. Lamp may be on or used contacts to switch. Lamps not included. New, unused. Harris P/N: 604-0565-00. Same frame as 1/2 of (SWP) MX4945 above. Made by Switchcraft.
$117 each
7 Position Pushbutton Bank
(SWP) 604-0617
Harris broadcast 7 position pushbutton bank. 6-3/8" overall length, 3-1/8" overall height. Switches are: Momentary - Microswitch P/N: 2D8, Maintained: Microswitch P/N: 2D32. All switches have gold contacts. 7 positions:
REV: DPDT, momentary contact, yellow lamp
CHANGE: DPDT, momentary contact, green lamp
SHOW: DPDT, momentary contact, yellow lamp
HOLD LEFT: DPDT, maintained contact, blue lamp
HOLD RIGHT: DPDT, maintained contact, clear white lamp
LAMP ON: DPDT maintained contact, red lamp
SHOW: DPDT momentary contact, blue lamp
All have CM388 light bulbs. Harris P/N: 604-0617-000
$50 each

10 Position Aircraft Pushbutton Bank

(SWP) 211-611-5250-001

Korry 10 button aircraft switch bank. Each button has 4 SPDT microswitches. Each button has two midget lamp sockets. 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 2-7/8" behind. Buttons are maintained or momentary as follows:
GC1: momentary
GC2: momentary
GC3: momentary
GC4: momentary
STOP CLOCK: maintained
CLEAR: momentary
TIME DET GAIN: maintained
BIAS: maintained
$500 each
Vintage Aircraft Instrument Light Assembly 20 Rocker Illuminated Switches
(SWP) 61010019
Roto Tellite Eaton / Lockheed vintage aircraft instrument light assembly. 20 rocker illuminated switches. Switch rocks 2 ways - engaging a different lamp in each direction. Each position has two T 1 3/4 midget lamp sockets. Measures 8"L x 1-5/8" x 2"H.

• Fuse Duet Hot (Red)
• Cabin Pressure (Yellow)
• De-Icing (Yellow)
• Elec. Power (Yellow)
• Press. System (Yellow)
• Rack OVHT (Yellow)
• IFF (Yellow)
• Auto Pilot (Yellow)
• Flap Asym (Yellow)
• Door Open (Yellow)
• Rudder Power (Yellow)
• Auto Trim (Yellow)
• Hyd Pressure (Yellow)
• IA Hyd Pressure (Yellow)
• 2 Hyd Pres (Yellow)
• 1 Hyd Oil Hot (Yellow)
• 1A Hyd Oil Hot (Yellow)
• 2 Hyd Oil Hot (Yellow)
• NTS Inoperable (Red)
• Icing (Green)
$250 each